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This article explains how to run a ping test on a Mac and save it to a file so you can pass the file onto another person or to your ISP. It was originally written for people living in Australia, but will work fine for anyone anywhere around the world (just replace for another website that’s closer to you). How to perform packet loss tests and how they work For instance, if you ping something 50 times and get only 49 responses, you can estimate packet loss at roughly 2% at the moment. Anything over 5% is of concern. To do this on a Windows computer or a Mac, use the ping command at a system command prompt: For Windows: Ping /n 50 destination; For Mac OS X and Linux: Ping -c 50 destination Ping MAC Address: Find Connections to Your Computer The easiest way to practice with the ping, MAC and arp command is with your own computer. You probably have at least one device connected to your computer that you can view. You first need your computer’s IP address. You can do this by opening a command line and typing “ipconfig /all” in the command line utility. How to Perform a Computer Ping Test (And When You Need To)