Mar 30, 2011

mostly openvpn download performance between 10 and 20 Mbps Hello! I recently bought a new Netgear R8500 and flashed DD-WRT [1] onto it using the instructions here [2]. I set it up to be an always on VPN to my service provider here [3] who I've been successfully using for years with my old Netgear R7000 and DD-WRT. The reason for upgrading is to get better WiFi reception for complaining teenagers and young adults in the house hold :-) Dd-WRT e1200v2 ethernet speed capped at 50Mbps May 13, 2018 DSR-250 8-Port Gigabit VPN Router | D-Link

Jan 09, 2016

I use OpenVPN server integrated to ASUS RT-N65U wireless home router, the server works with these parameters: 1) Encapsulation Layer - L3 TUN 2) Protocol TCP 3) Enabled LZO for Data Compression My client is the latest official 64-bit OpenVPN client (v. 2.3.13-I001) that creates virtual TAP adapter V9 in Windows 7 x64 OS vpn - OpenVPN経由のSamba:恐ろしく遅い - プログラミン … 適切なOpenVPNポートがサーバーとクライアントの両方で開いています。 OpenVPN暗号は、160ビットSHA1 HMACを備えたAES-128-CBCです。 TLSキーとcomp-lzo圧縮も使用されています。 これが何であるか考えていますか?

[Guide] How to set up OpenVPN server on Windows 10 : OpenVPN

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