In the 1960s it is safe to conclude that video game addiction was not a problem as video games simply did not exist (at least for the general public). Home video game consoles were introduced in the 1970s there were those who spent hours upon hours depositing quarters into video arcade machines, "addiction" comparable to what we see today was

Your Internet connection speed can mean the difference between life and death - at least when it comes to online games. What Internet speed do I need for gaming, you ask? Most video game console manufacturers recommend at least 3 Mbps. However, there are a variety of factors that can impact your performance. Play online instant games for your chance to instantly win big or buy draw tickets online for Powerball, Mega Millions, and more. Free Online Games; two player games and solitaire games online. Educational value in a fun environment. The game is fun and interactive while trying to solve the critical thinking word problems. Online games are a fun an interactive way for children to learn about critical thinking and problem solving kids especially during the summer months. Article By Laura Ketcham. Picture By woodleywonderworks. Free Educational Resources by

Disadvantages of Online Gaming. Online gaming may be one experience that may have more harmful effects than good. For one, it may cause addiction and time meant for other activities may be consumed in online gaming. Online harassment may also occur especially with children who get involved in online gaming.

Pattern Games – Kids can learn to recognize patterns as they play a number sequence game or help a dog cross the pattern bridge. Math Problems and Games. Fast Math in Outer Space – You can solve math problems to shoot down enemy ships and win the space battle. Math Hoops Math Hoops provides word problem practice for students in grades 3 to 5. All word problems use whole numbers but the problems range from single step addition to multistep equations. There are also problems that require students to interpret remainders. Students who answer 5 questions correctly get a chance to play some basketball. Game developers and game researchers are eager to see just beneficial gamers can be at tackling bigger problems than the ones at hand, and all while doing something they love doing anyway. An average gamer spends 6.5 hours a week playing video games of one sort or another, from app games like Crashlands to the world conquering World of Warcraft.

Online Gaming Risks . An abundance of choices exist in today’s online gaming environment. One popular genre of games has emerged called Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs or MMOs). Most allow players to create online identities as game characters who participate in virtual adventures, which sometimes cross into the real world.

Since multiplayer online gaming is a relatively new trend, many teachers in schools may not fully grasp the problems associated with video gaming and the gaming community/industry. While games often get a bad reputation for problems they don’t necessarily cause, many underlying problems are overlooked.