IPCOP server. The document has two main section: Configuring IPCOP Server and Linux Client Setup License This documentation is provided under the GNU GPL. Configuring IPCOP Server If this guide to setup the server is not clear enough for you, please have a look at the IPCOP.org web site for links.

IPCOP on vmware |VMware Communities Jan 20, 2009 The Perfect Linux Firewall Part I — IPCop – Kreation Next At the end of the IPCop installation you will be asked to reboot. After reboot go to another machine on your LAN and force your network interface card to update your dynamic (DHCP) address with ifconfig (Linux/Unix) or ipconfig (Windows). Verify you are live and active on the new network you have setup with an address on 192.168.1.x. > IPCop Firewall > IPCop 2.0.3 - LQ ISO

Yes I'm doing the IPCOP setup, I think is easier with OPENVPN but I want to know with is the easiest open vpn for Windows. Thanks Qlemo "Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic Advisor

Guard Your Network with IPCop, Part 2: Add-ons - Open The setup assumes IPCop (green) IP as, the IPCop Web access port to be 445 and the IPCop SSH access port of 222, with SSH access enabled (System –> SSH Access in the IPCop Web GUI).To copy add-on binaries, you need to use SCP, and for installation you need direct console access or SSH access from another system.

Mar 30, 2004

Apr 10, 2013 IPCop v1.4.0 Installation Manual Starting with IPCop 1.3.0, you can upgrade your IPCop PC from IPCop 1.2.0 or later and save your configuration. Use the web interface to log in to your IPCop PC and take a backup on a floppy, using the Backup Administrative web page. If you don’t know how to do this, please read the IPCop Administration Manual section entitled System->Backup