Mar 26, 2008

Netflix on the Pi with XBMC - Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange It is possible to get Netflix running on OpenELEC but unfortunately the software required isn't free, Netflix used to have an api for developers but they don't any more. The only way I am aware of is to use, which has a subscription fee. If you'd like a tutorial on how to set up Netflix on your Raspberry Pi then checkout this Youtube Build A Raspberry Pi XBMC Media Center At Lifehacker we’re big fans of the XBMC video player and home entertainment hub. Combine the awesomeness of XBMC with the Raspberry Pi, the low-cost, low-power computer board with a built-in SD kodi - Video playback via ethernet causes raspberry pi to I've been using my raspberry pi as an XMBC media centre to stream video from a NAS box (via ethernet). It was working ok for the most part but recently it's been crashing out during playback. I have OpenELEC XBMC installed (formerly has raspbmc - same issue) with the latest build. XBMC on Raspberry Pi with OpenElec | Chris Swan's Weblog

This covers adding an IR remote control to a Raspberry Pi B, B+ and 2 using OpenELEC Kodi/XBMC. Things you'll need: A working, IR remote control. Anything whatsoever, so if you have an old TV that is dead and buried, but still have the remote, this will enable you to pair it all up. OpenELEC.

Raspberry Pi + Openelec XBMC + 7" Monitors = Road-trip

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