Reset Network Settings. My iPhone won’t connect to wifi? Reset Networks Settings. The first thing …

Jul 13, 2020 iOS 13: Wifi Not Working, Slow, or Dropping Out? 11 Ways Restart Router. Before we look at troubleshooting the issue on the iOS device, let us do some basic … My iPhone Not Connecting to Wifi: How Can I Fix it?

WiFi Calling Not Working on iPhone? How to Fix the Issue

Nov 12, 2018

iPhone not connecting to WiFi? -Try these easy fixes step

If all methods above can’t solve your Wi-Fi cannot connect to wifi issue, it might be an iOS system malfunction. If so, you can fix Wi-Fi not working issues using iPhone System Repair. This software aims to fix over 50+ system problems without data loss. It surely can fix iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi issue. I too am having issues, but only with wifi, and yes I wet my iPhone 4S by sitting in the sea on a beach, not realising it was in my pocket, perfect hot day so me and iPhone dried off on the hot sand, on a mini sunbed i made up, bless:), all came back to life, with no issues, except wifi keeps dropping on and off, Bluetooth works fine, any help My iPhone 4 has been acting up lately and it is getting rather annoying. On my settings page, it shows that I'm connected to Wi-Fi with the blue checkmark, but on the service bar on top, it shows that I'm on 3G. My phone isn't allowing me to get on any app that requires internet, and kicks me out. **I have rebooted my phone multiple times and I still have yet to have access to the internet.